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Coming Soon: Pre-Order Your Teralytic Probes

This Spring, the Teralytic team was hard at work getting the world’s first wireless NPK soil sensors in the ground on farms across the world. Our probe contains 23 sensors that measure microclimate, soil, and gas. With these previously inaccessible types and quantities of data, we’re proud to help farmers manage soil quality with precise control—growing more by using less, while reducing impact on the environment.

Using Terascore, our best-in-class metric that analyzes hundreds of data points from individual farms as well as industry statistics, we summarize what farmers need to know about soil health and easy, actionable insights for their specific farms. Terascore is completely customized to the unique profile of each farm.

Our probes take a snapshot of soil conditions every 15 minutes, connecting to a gateway through LoRa wireless technology. The gateway sends data to the cloud via either cellular, satellite, or a standard internet connection, which can be accessed on any cellular device or desktop computer. And farmers get real-time alerts on their phone or desktop when the sensors detect poor soil conditions for their crops.

Next month, you can order yours for your farm.

Manufacturing Update

We’re ramping up manufacturing and will be announcing a limited number of probes for pre-order in July.

The cost is $500 per probe, annually. This includes all the hardware and software needed to run the solution as well as data analytics, real-time recommendations, and battery replacement when needed. Our 10-probe Starter Pack includes an Install Kit (regularly $400) and the LoRa gateway to connect the probes (regularly $1,000) for free.

These orders will be the first to ship the moment they’re ready in the warehouse. And until then, you will receive regular updates on development and be able to view the status of your order on a personal landing page.

Stay tuned to sign up for pre-order and receive your probes for the 2019 planting season, before they sell out. We’ll announce the pre-order launch here on the blog and across our social media channels: follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

InfoAg 2018 Showcase

In the meantime, we’re preparing to hit the road in July for our next conference—InfoAg 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri!

Teralytic Founder and CEO Steven Ridder will be leading a session on Wednesday, July 18, on how Teralytic's NPK soil sensors fill agricultural data gaps. The team will have a booth in the exhibit hall July 17 to 19 to showcase the product and latest innovations, with working probes on display so you can see the probes in action.

If you’re attending InfoAg this year, look for our booth in the exhibit hall!

Learn More

Interested in pre-ordering? Email us at info@teralytic.com for details.